HTTP Injector

HTTP Injector

HTTP Injector Pro APK is a professional-grade program that will allow you to define all the customized HTTP headers. It also uses SSH tunneling to access sites that are prohibited inside a firewall, the whole process is done without the utilization of any rooting system.

HTTP Injector Review

You’ll need specific applications to enjoy free internet, such as Proxy Manager, Proxy Injector, Auto Proxy, and IP Finder are among them, aside from that, various more applications are required. Further, IP Monitor Pro and Network Monitor Mini Pro are their names.

You can download the mentioned application from our website. After you’ve downloaded and installed those applications, open the first one and select “Import.” Now is the time to set up the setup.

It has a lot of features for Android devices. One of the highlights is the main screen, which has options such as Proxy, Payload, Help, Tools, etc. Aside from that, it has a Payload Generator that connects each string. Then there’s the SSH Configuration menu. It is a popular method of obtaining a free internet connection.

Ssh Injector Pro

HTTP Injector Pro

With its helpful features, it captures the hearts of network security professionals. That would not be incorrect if I say that this application is one of the top Android applications, used by IT specialists for network-related difficulties. You may now acquire a free VPN account. Download and install this program to obtain a suitable country IP address.


HTTP injector Pro APK features

We have tried to sum up all the fantastic features provided by the HTTP apk for Android.

  • This VPN and HTTP program does not need to root your smartphone.
  • With the aid of the SSH tunnel, you can safeguard your connection.
  • There is no advertising, and you may log in to SSH using your hardware ID.
  • For a limited time, get an ad-free edition with extra features.
  • It also offers network connection headers in a variety of formats.
  • You may quickly change outgoing requests with the help of the request section.
  • It’s also possible to remove headers from HTTP incoming replies.
  • You can encrypt the hardware of your connected computer in provider mode.
  • It also has an IP Route and built-in SSH.
  • Support the developer, and there will be more in the future.

Download the latest APK, including premium app resources for free. However, the time to download its most recent version has been unlocked. Therefore, head toward the download section and click on the provided link to start the process.

Integration/ installation of proxy injector

To begin, click the download button and install the application. Click the menu next to the logo after you have opened the program. From there, select Payload Generator and begin filling in the blanks.


  1. Complete the operator bug.
  2. Select CONNECT as the request method.
  3. Select Front Query as the query method.
  4. Select Online Host in the Extra Header. The may payload will be correctly filled when you click Generate Payload.

You may search more in-depth by visiting SSH injector help for your selected remote proxy. 

On the side menu, go to the SSH settings. Fill in the SSH host you established before. After you’ve configured the port, you’ll need to fill in the SSH username and password. To create a free SSH account, press the button once more.

Other VPN programs to check out include VPN Proxy and Psiphon Pro for expert users, we will be pretty interested to know how you utilize it on your phone. Users may always make their settings and duplicate those made by others.

FAQs About HTTP Proxy:

What is an HTTP injector, and how it works?

HTssh injector Pro is a fantastic Android software for secure shell (SSH) and virtual private network (VPN) connections via a secure Wi-Fi network. Aside from SSH and VPN, this program also provides unlimited access to payload generators, which may be used to construct payloads via the internet swiftly.

How to use an HTTP proxy injector?

There are multiple ways through which you can use the application. The first approach is to use the built-in SSH client. The second way is to enable iptables and link your third-party VPN software to the SSH injector proxy address. And last, set your ISP’s APN and then use “” as the proxy server and “8989” as the port in the third approach

Does HTTP injector apk give free internet?

It is currently used to produce free internet. Any operator may use this program. Of course, creating free internet necessitates particular arrangements. You should be aware that each operator’s settings are unique. You can use this software even if your Android phone isn’t yet rooted or if you haven’t yet rooted it.

What is HTTP Pro Premium?

To speed up the device, you have to use the local ports and enable data compression. This application may reconnect without doing anything if it encounters an error. Enable the CPU wake lock option and adjust the buffer size. Application Mode Diagnostics for HTTP Pro Everything also provides you with the most up-to-date statistics report.
You can get the speed of the entire network and only find the local IP address with the help of tips. In addition, it keeps track of all activity and delivers the most up-to-date logging data.

Why do we need an HTTP Pro APK?

It may be assumed that you are already using a VPN on your laptop to secure yourself and your surfing data from prying eyes. But what about your phone, have you thought about it? No, this application is manufactured to save your data and information when you use any other network.

Summing up

We have talked about the HTTP injector pro-APK application in this article and tried to cover all the queries that many people frequently ask over the internet. So please share this article with other people and support our efforts. Thank you!

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January 29, 2024