Revheadz Mod APK

Revheadz MOD APK Download (Latest Version) V1.28 For Android

Having your vehicle is the dream of every person, but not everyone can afford it. It needs a lot of determination and hard work to earn money and buy cars of your interest. But do not be disappointed if you do not have a luxurious life. You can make the virtual game world elegant by playing different games. Automobiles are many people’s favorite, but automobile racing games can sometimes be more enjoyable. These cars need many features to make racing more exciting, such as different engine sounds that make you feel that you are in the racing game. Revheadz Mod APK is an application that will add various sounds to your racing cars, so you enjoy driving the time racing.

If you are a car lover in real life, then you will enjoy using the app and playing the racing games of the app. It stimulates various sounds that you can try for your car and can get the actual enjoyment of racing the car. When your car engine has an authentic sound that makes you feel that you are driving, people also start to notice you. This app has several games with a variety of cars with unique sounds, so play them and enjoy your driving.

Short Description About Revheadz Mod APK

This Mod APK is the game’s hub that not only adds a valuable feature to your cars and bikes but also its dashboard has many other features of various categories. The dashboard consists of parts other than the sound effect, including a speedometer, tachometer, brakes, gear shifts, accelerators, and many more. These characteristics are essential for all racing games because they help you race your car or bike at high speed. Moreover, these features will allow you to save yourself from hurdles and can let you speed up your cars at the time when it is needed more. You will find a variety of collections of vehicles such as AUD R8 LMS GT3, FRD GT LM GT3, CHEV COR C7.R, FER FXX K, and even bikes. You can add these sound effects in many simulations and the most popular car racing games worldwide, such as simulation, open-world, and many more.

How to Download the Revheadz Mod Game?

To download this superb app on your device, click on the download option on our website. Then visit your device setting and go to security, find the Unknown Source and enable it. Now you can install the third-parties app on your device. So, download and start to use the various sound effects on your android device.

Features of Revheadz:

Add Authentic Sound Effects:

If your car’s sounds are reasonable, you can enjoy them to your level, but if not, vice versa. So, this app simulates many sound effects. Try them all, and the one that interests you most, add it to your car.

Straightforward Interface:

There is no need to panic while using the app because it has a straightforward and clear design. So, you can easily use all its features.

Features in Dashboard:

Apart from adding sound effects, you will also find many unique features that include gear shift, brakes, speedometer, tachometer, and many more.

Add sounds to racing games:

The app is not only limited to the games available within it, but also it adds the features of the most popular car racing games. These racing games include open World cups, simulation, and others.


If you are a car lover in real and virtual life, you might know how good it feels to have an excellent car sound. If you want to try out various sound effects on your car to make your racing more thrilling and exciting, download Revheadz Mod. This App will add different sound effects along with many other unique features. This app has the advantage of using it without investing a penny. So, download the app now!

Additional Details

May 18, 2023