Tekken 7

Tekken 7 APK

Tekken 7 is an amazing fighting game that is free to download for Android as well as PC. Firstly it was not available for Android devices later on the developers launched new features and is now available for Android. In this game, you will find many unique features. Furthermore, you will find a 100% working of this game without any errors.

Secondly, nowadays everyone is busy with their work and no one gives their time to others. Many people are bored with outdoor activities. So for your entertainment and spending your free time Tekken game is here which entertains you. This is a game that you can’t find in the Play Store easily so download it from our site which you can access easily without spending any money.

About Tekken 7 + OBB:

Tekken games are very popular and are developed by Bandai which is a Japanese franchise that gives you 3D combating games just like FIFA 16 APK OBB. This game is the seventh and final installment of the Mishima saga story. The best ability of this game is to rejoin Tekken7 after downloading.

However, this game will provide amazing fighting techniques through which you can beat your opponent. The game’s quick moves and speedy actions help to kill the enemy. With the help of this, you will find a way to become a pro player in Android games.

Though there were many series of this game released, what makes Tekken the most loved out of all? Not only it is the end and sure it would have a great thrilling end, but the game is packed with other significant features that shouldn’t be missed out. The developer didn’t fail to get the attention of the players.


  • Dynamic effect:
  • this game will give you a dynamic effect through power crush and speedy moves and these attacks are only introduced in this game 
  • Controls: in this game, you will find very smooth controls so you can easily fix your speed according to your needs.
  • Soundtracks: soundtracks are also present in this game.
  • Characters: there are so many characters in Tekken 7. By playing the game and winning the levels you will unlock the characters one by one. some characters like Josie, Shaheen, etc.
  • Unreal Engine 4:
  • This game runs on this engine. Through this, you can develop the game on different platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, etc.
  • Practice mode: you will also find a practice mode through which you can perform better in a real game. You become a professional by practicing more and more.
  • Unique levels: you will find various unique levels in this game that are not present in other games so just try this and enjoy.
  • Abilities and skills of characters: in this game, you will also find the skills and abilities of the characters one by one.

More Features:

  • New battle machines and moves.
  • Upgrade to the new version.
  • Change the new mission and levels change.
  • The characters Panda and Kuma are added.
  • Smooth controls on the game.

What’s new on Tekken 7 APK+OBB?

  • The developers were more upgraded the graphics.
  • All newly added characters are unlocked.
  • Updated the latest version.


Tekken 7 APK is such a lightweight game so anyone can easily download it. Low-memory androids can also install it. This game consists of many new attack features and its graphic is outstanding. You may not find the direct file to download this game so there is an ISO file through which you can easily access it. Let’s play this game and enjoy.

Additional Details

October 12, 2023