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Zong Patcher The bulk of players yearn for this either time when gaming. Acquiring even more skins does, in reality, give you a great deal of autonomy. This operation can be made much easier with the Zong Pitcher.

Yes, it was a Mobile Greats Android app. It also comes with a wide range of free MLBB character skins. To be candid, this simple tool has the power to change all machine learning roles. Every one of the classes, namely tank, fighter, assassin, mage, support, and MM, can be easily modified.

As a result, you can see the whole possesses a good as well as how to use this utilizing specific, first but, I’d like to show you basic Gung Chakra Injectors. Because accessing Legends content needs a different app. As a consequence, it’s beneficial in conjunction with Ding Pitch.

In just about any case, the two injections’ main objective is to provide urgent help to players. You can save money by taking advantage of such free services. In MLBB’s online contests, every player aims to eliminate the opposing bases. A game’s level is raised as a result. He also has additional elements available to him. ML diamond investments, which were only accessible after payments were made, make it feasible at the same moment.

What exactly is the Zong Patcher?

Zong Patcher Injector is a wonderful third-party Android app created specifically for Mobile Legends lovers. Now the app is integrated into their smartphone, players will be able to unlock a limitless number of pro items. In addition, you will provide free support in injecting various Skins and impacts.

Unlock MLBB Skins Using the Zong Patcher

Then, we’ll tap the screen and explore. After downloading the APK file from this site, you may certainly test it out. However, we always highlight the critical parts of each application to save you time and effort. The following table lists the number of heroes with their outfits.

Heroes List

Tank – Franco, Rock, Khurta, Johnson, Atlas, Tigray, Uranus, Gatotkaca, Minotaur, Akai, Ruby, Basie, Brats, Hyles

Fighter – Belmond, Zigong, Alpha, Savanna, Sun, Biding, Aldous, Dorothy, Taquito, Yu Zheng, Masha, Burg, Chou, Roger, Guinevere, Alular

Assassin – Fanny, Lancelot, Karina, Ling, Fusion, Hayabusa, Benedetti, Selena

Mage – Luo Yi, Hadith, Harley, Valor, Odette, Lenox, Cyclops, Change, Kauri, Vale

Marksman – Bruno, Wan, Lesley, Layla, Yi Sun-Shin, Miya, Claude, Brody, Granger

Support – Angela, Nana, Estes, Kaya, Rafaela

Updated Features of Zong Patcher:

Skin Type

Backup, unique

Starlight, Epic

MCL, Collector

Anniversary, MSC

Transformer, STUN

Light born, Star Wars

Normal, Summer

Features of Zong Patcher

Easy to use

free to use

safe and secure

Skins for heroes:

There are over 45 skins here.

Fighter-this category contains over 64 skins.

Assassin-there are almost 40 skins here.

Mage-there are over 43 skins available here.

Marksman-there are over 64 skins here.

Support-there are over 21 skins available here.

Animation of Recall:

Over 19 different recall effects (Anvil Crawlers, Carp Windsocks, Dragon Tamer, Fire Crown, etc.)

Screen for loading;

Stay tuned!

Support for Android versions 5 to 11 and beyond

Zong Patcher APK is safe to use?

ML Injectors can be found in the thousands on the internet. Many of them are unfaithful third parties who may lose your Android device. However, Zong Pitcher APK is completely secure for use on Android devices. We tested this injector on our phone and were pleasantly surprised.it is also error-free and Capable of repairing all issues.

How to download and install Zong Pitcher free on Android?

To begin, get the most recent APK for your Android device.

Must set the “SETTINGS > SECURITY > UNKNOWN SOURCES” option before the installation procedure.

Install the app after that.

Simply click the installation button when the system asks for permission.

So, when the installation process is complete, the APK icon is shown on your Android phone’s home screen.

Finally, click “Open.”

Enter your nickname now.

Now tap anybody you want to inject Heroes Skins, Recall Animation, and Loading Screen into.

Appreciate the applications.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of directly downloading Zong Pitcher?


You can download any tool or version third-party website. You can access the app archives for most versions and download them according to your requirements.

Unlike the Play Store, downloading is immediate, and there is no need to wait for the review procedure, etc.


Google doesn’t review normally programs downloaded from third-party sources. As a result, your phone may be affected.

Your apps will not be updated automatically.

What’s New in Zong Pitcher Pak V1.36?

  • Fixed the issue
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Bugs-Free
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to download and install

Increased speed

We believe you’ve arrived at the right place to learn about Zong Pitcher Pak. We also suggest that you check out some other famous online apps.

Why do you want Android app permission to install the app?

The application requires access to some of your device’s systems. You are informed of all the permissions required to run an application when you install it.


So, you’ve read the list of freebies above. Zong Patcher is a fantastic app because it not only unlocks a tone of free outfits. However, it also provides a wide range of options. After that, save money by using these expert aspects. It’s new, updated, loaded with free skins, and simple to use. It can be used on both rooted and non-rooted smartphones. To summarize, it is a mobile legend powerful tool that, like others, can be used to obtain premium game items. It is, however, not a legal act.

Additional Details

January 25, 2024